Thursday, November 09, 2006

MCCPublishaBook: Get your Manuscript Published with MicroCreditCapital Publishing

Here is your chance to get your manuscript published. If it has been sitting in your drawers for years, take it out and dust it off. MicroCreditCapital Publishing is offering the opportunity to get your manuscript published while, at the same time, contributing to fundraising and supporting a low-income entrepreneur in Haiti and elsewhere.

Use MCCPublishaBook program to become a proud published author. Each published book has 6 equal parts or chapters. Each part is worth $25. You can get your friends, family members or company to contribute towards the publication of your book until you reach the total amount of $150.00. Each contributor to the publication of your book will receive one (1)copy of the published book. Or the manuscript submitter can make one-time payment through, a fast and secure online payment system. The author of the book will receive two (2)copies of his book. He/she can also choose to buy more copies from the publisher at a discount to be determined by the publisher (MCCPublishaBook). Part of the proceeds of the book will go towards the funding of a microbusiness. The author can determine which small business obtains those proceeds.

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