Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Welcome to Micro Credit Capital: All Things Micro Credit Program

The best way to combat poverty is to recognize the values of the poor. Poor people did not become poor because of the lack of good ideas. Apartheid financial has kept women and poor people out. In this blog, you will read the stories of those who need a small loan to get their businesses started. They have the ideas, but they lack the money. All they need is a small amount to get started. Where you come in, you can select whom you want to help after reading his/her stories. In most cases, all they need may be the equivalent of what you spend at a Starbucks, not even a sit-in restaurant in the US, Canada and other developed countries.

MicroCreditCapital aims at giving hope to the poorest of the poor in developed countries. With our group of field coordinators, those who receive your small loans will be able to start their business. They will receive training, supervision and guidance in regards to the type of businesses they can start and what the community may need the most.